Proof of payment must be sent to us before any delivery will be made!
Please attach your proof of payment to your order form!


Terms & Conditions

STRICTLY !!!!! ALL ORDERS ARE TO BE PAID IN ADVANCE ! ALL EXTRA ORDERS FOR THE DAY MUST BE PAID THAT SAME DAY ! It is your responsibility to confirm with us before 10 am whether we have received your order or payment . The Internet and Fax are sometimes offline. ORDERS AND CANCELLATIONS MUST BE DONE BEFORE 10H00 DAILY ! All cancelations and extras must be in writing for Monthly and Weekly orders. A 35% admin fee will be charged for CREDIT if not used within 1 month`s time or if back payment is required 35% Admin fee will be charged for orders that is not fully paid All orders for Norkem depot to be paid in advance at 130 Monument rd Aston Manor Please make sure to use all of your credit it will not be transfered for the next month, only with prior arangements.



ALL PAYMENTS OR PROOF OF PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE DELIVERY. NO delivery will go out without proof of payment or prior arrangements for COD! Driver will bring food back to the shop. No exceptions! Please make sure you have received the right food order before leaving the shop we do not exchange once opened. NO ORDER FORM WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT SIGNATURE. By clicking accept you agree with and understand the terms and conditions.


BESPREEKTE ETES IS STRENG VOORUIT BETAALBAAR! ALLE EKSTRA BESTELLINGS MOET OP DIE SELFDE DAG BETAAL WORD! Dit is U verantwoordelikheid om seker te maak dat ons wel U bestelling en betaling ontvang het voor 10 vm. Bestellings en kanselasies moet VOOR 10h00 uur in die oggend gedoen word. Alle kanselasies en veranderinge moet skriftelik gedoen word vir Maandelikse en Weeklikse Kontrakte. Maak asb seker om al U krediet te gebruik vir die maand dit sal nie oorgedra word na die volgende maand nie,sonder vooraf reeling nie. Bestellings vir Norkem Depot moet vooraf betaal word by 132 Monument weg Aston Manor Maak asb seker om al U krediet te gebruik vir die maand dit sal nie oorgedra word na die volgende maand nie,sonder vooraf reeling nie. Geen geld sal by die Depot ontvang word nie. `n 35% Aministrasie fooi sal gehef word vir KREDIET wat langer as 1 maand ongebruik is en as terug betaling verlang word. 35% Administrasie fooi sal gehef word vir Debiet as volle bedrag nie betaal is nie as terug betaling verlang word.



Alle betalings en bewys van betaling moet gedoen word voor aflewering kan voortgaan. GEEN MAALTYE SAL AFGELEWER WORD SONDER BEWYS VAN BETALING OF VOORAF REELING VIR KBA NIE (Drywer sal kos terug bring winkel toe, geen uitsonderings nie!!) Maak asb seker van die regte bestelling voor U die winkel verlaat ons kan nie omruil na dit oop gemaak is nie. COLLECTION HOURS Monument rd: from 15h to 18h Mon-Thurs. Fridays from 14.30 to 17.30 No money will be acepted at the Depot please make paymets at 132 Monument rd